July 17th, 2021

For many, doing home renovations in the Fall or Winter is just not possible, especially in areas where temperatures dip into bone chilling zones. It seems that the busiest time for home renovations is the summer. It’s this time that ideas are put to the test, homes are expanded, and homeowners get one step closer to their ideal home. Renovations are always exciting, but it’s the preparation and process that most wish they could skip. Too often, homeowners are cramming their belongings into spare rooms and garages, living areas are compromised while the renovations are ongoing. Through all of this, there’s stress, discomfort, and general unhappiness as your home now looks like a warzone.If you’re thinking that it won’t be an issue, you might want to rethink what you do with all of your belongings after reading this. Chances are you’re about to renovate any of the following areas:


Many homeowners take the time to power wash their garage, especially after a year of a car being parked in there. Taking out the oil, tires marks, etc., makes the floor look like new. While the garage is empty, most home owners will take the time to paint the walls, install shelves and general upkeep before they bring their belongings back in. More often than not, as they refill their garage they realize some items should just remain in storage because the extra space is appreciated and it feels less cluttered.


More and more homeowners are expanding their bathrooms which means that bedrooms become battle grounds as people try to live around the demolition. Instead of living through the stress, removing your items keeps it clutter free, and in many cases gets the job done quicker. Laying new plumbing, new cabinetry, larger shower, his and her sinks … can you imagine it?


Additional bedrooms take another large percentage of home renovations. As families grow, as parents return to live with their sons or daughters, additional bedrooms become invaluable. Storing home furniture during this process prevents your belongings from getting bumped, chipped, or dinged as the work is done. It also keeps it from getting that layer of fine dust that settles when working with lumber.

New Home

The king of all renovations … starting over! While not frequent, it’s not uncommon to work on multiple areas of the home at once to rebuild, redo, and expand. When a project like this is tackled, it’s vital that your belongings have a home that keeps them safe and secure. With all the people moving in and out of your home, you’d want the best care for what you worked so hard to have.

Doing any one of these projects can be a lot of fun, but ensuring your stuff is safe is what we are most concerned about. If you’re planning any home renovations this summer and need a place for your stuff to hang out, speak to our storage professionals so that we get the right size for all of your treasured belongings.

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