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Renovating your home is exciting but the time it takes to finish can be inconvenient. There’s clutter, less room to move everything, and lots of confusion, but we have a solution. Reduce the stress at home during the renovation process with a storage unit! From big renovations to small touch-ups, there are units of all sizes to meet your needs.

Keep your home clean

It’s typical for the rooms being renovated to look like a tornado has swooped in, but the rest of you home doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of shifting furniture to another random room, place those items in storage so you’re not buried in your valuables. A storage unit can keep your place clean and clutter-free.

Keep your items safe

During renovations, there is movement everywhere. When you start putting furniture and personal items all over the place, it’s easy for someone to bump into things. Accidents happen, so don’t let a falling box be the reason you don’t have your favorite vase anymore. Put your treasures in storage during the renovation process so you can cherish them in your newly spruced up home.

Keep your usable space

Don’t let your usable space become a useless space full of random stuff because your home is being renovated. Your dinner table doesn’t have to act as a shelf for your clothing when your bedroom is being worked on. Instead, take advantage of the untouched space in your place, by storing the extras in a storage unit. The renovations don’t have to take over your life.For more information on why a storage unit might be right for you, speak with a Key Storage professional. With a number of sizes and features, there is sure to be a unit that can make your renovation process run smoothly.

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