Business & Commercial Storage

Running a business is no small task. Things get busy. Before you know it, small stacks of paper turn in to messy piles and the storage closet is starting to spill over into the hallways. The last thing you want to worry about is having enough space for equipment, tables, files, and other supplies that make your business operate effectively. 

Instead of trying to work around scattered odds and ends, why not store them with us? Our premises are equipped with 24-hour video surveillance, our driveways are wide enough for work trucks, and our units are big enough to store plenty of equipment and supplies.
With no long-term commitment required, our storage units offer the short and long-term storage solutions you need to keep your business running. Benefits of our commercial storage units include: 

  • Multiple Sizes: Our units come in a variety of sizes, so whether you just need a place to store important files or large pieces of equipment, we have something to fit your individual needs.
  • State-of-the-Art Security: With the help of our 24-hour surveillance system, well-lit driveways, and computerized security gates, you can rest easy knowing that your items are safe and being monitored.
  • Drive-Up Units: Our drive-up units are perfect for any business that uses heavy equipment and supplies. The driveways are large enough for work trucks, so you won’t need to haul equipment from the unit out to the truck. Simply drive up, load the equipment, and leave.
  • Climate Controlled Units: Our climate controlled units can store items or products that may be sensitive to extreme temperatures. No need to worry about the elements wreaking havoc on your business supplies or products.
  • Boxes & Supplies: We have boxes, tape, and other moving and storage supplies on our premises which means you will always have what you need to properly store your items in your unit.
  • Commercial Deliveries Accepted: Our front desk will gladly accept deliveries for your business at our storage facility. We’ll even let you know once we’ve received it, that way you know it will be waiting there for you without interrupting your day.
Curious what types of businesses use our commercial storage services? Below are some of the typical businesses that we see at our storage facility. They might help inspire some ideas on how extra storage space can help your business.

  • Restaurants: Food establishments are full of tables, chairs, supplies, and equipment. If you’re switching out items with the change of season or just trying a new layout, you may find that you have some leftover tables taking up space that could be put to better use. Or perhaps you purchased some new equipment and are still figuring out what to do with the old equipment. Instead of these items taking up space and stacking up in the corner, rent a unit with us to keep the restaurant looking tidy and running smoothly.
  • Contractors: Lawnmowers, wood, snowplows, tools, tool chests, along with other parts and supplies take up a lot of space. They also need to be readily available to the business. Renting a unit with us will give you extra room and accessibility to the equipment you need to get the job done.
  • Retail: Running a retail store means you’ve got a large supply of clothes, furniture, toys, electronics, sporting equipment, or any other items you specialize in. Instead of cluttering up the storefront with boxes and unsightly piles of stuff, rent a storage unit with us to keep your inventory safe and available when you need it.
  • Documents: If you work in a field that requires a lot of files or documents, you probably already know how quickly the papers pile up. Even when using file cabinets and other shelves for organization, space disappears quickly. With the cost of renting a business space, it’s important to make every square foot count. Move those filing cabinets into one of our storage units and get more out of the extra space at work.

Depending on what type of business you have and what you decide to store in one of our units, there are strategic ways to organize your unit to keep things accessible. The basic concept is to put the items you use most frequently near the entrance of the storage unit and the less used items near the back. Here are a few other good ideas to help keep things organized and accessible.

  • Use tape to mark off designated areas on the floor specific types of items. Segmenting the storage unit into categories allows for an easy way to organize items as they come and go.
  • Clearly label and identify any items that are boxed up. You could even use different colored tapes to indicate what’s in the boxes or where to put them in the storage unit.
  • If you have a lot of different items that will be going in the storage unit, use free standing shelves and take advantage of stacking items while keeping them accessible.
  • Don’t overload boxes with heavy items! We know it’s important to keep similar items together, but don’t pack so much in the box that it can hardly stay together. 
  • Vacuum seal uniforms, clothing, and any other items that can be compacted down for extra space. The less space they take up, the more you can fit!
  • Use towels and blankets to cover any items that should be protected from dust. 

If space is starting to feel a little tight around the office or you’ve run out of room to put extra tables and equipment, we’re here to help. Contact the location nearest you for availability and information on current specials.

With over 20 locations in the San Antonio area and others located in Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, you can count on us to have a storage solution that fits your individual needs. When your business relies on us, we go the extra mile to make it a worthwhile investment.