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Searching for “boat storage near me?” You’ve come to the right place. Finding boat storage facilities to fit your needs and budget doesn’t have to be challenging. Key Storage makes it easy to find the right storage option with various unit types available to keep your boat safe in the off-season.

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Types of Boat Storage at Key Storage

There are two main ways you can store your boat: indoors and outdoors. The best type for you may depend on the type of boat you have and your needs. Key Storage offers a wide range of boat storage solutions to pick from that suit you best.


Indoor Boat Storage

Indoor boat storage offers the most protection from the elements. With drive-up storage units, you can have a functional unit that allows you to simply attach the boat to a vehicle and drive away with it. Key Storage has several boat storage sizes to help you find one that fits your boat’s needs.

Uncovered Boat Storage

Outdoor boat storage is one of the best options for larger boats because you’re not limited to how much space you can rent. You can park your boat at a boat storage facility, but you won’t get any additional protection from the elements.

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Key Storage Boat Storage Units

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Key Storage offers security for your boat, which includes video monitoring, gates, and an on-premise manager. That means your boat is always protected—something you can’t guarantee at home.


Boat storage offers easy access to your boat when needed and keeps it out of the way when you don’t. Drive up, attach your boat to your vehicle, and you’re ready to go.


Indoor boat storage can be more affordable than storing your boat elsewhere.


Boat Storage FAQs

Where can I find boat storage near me?

Looking for a place to safely and securely store your boat? Key storage offers storage for boats in the following locations:

  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

We have over 19 boat storage facilities to help you find one closest to you. Our indoor boat storage facilities are available in small 5 x 5 ft up to 10 x 30 ft for watercrafts of all types. Ready to rent a storage unit today? Visit a storage location or rent a unit directly from our website.

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What are the benefits of boat storage?

What should you do with your boat during the off-season? You could keep it at home in your garage, but that leaves little space for much else, and depending on the size of your boat, it might not fit in your garage and will have to stay in the driveway. Additionally, most HOA’s (Homeowners Association) won’t allow boats to be parked in neighborhoods. Choosing a boat storage facility can benefit you and your boat. Here are reasons why you should consider indoor boat storage:

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  • Free up space: If you can’t keep your boat at a dock year-round, you likely store it in your garage or driveway. Unfortunately, this takes up precious space you need for your family vehicles. Indoor boat storage can help you save space at home by ensuring your boat is stored safely and securely away from home.
  • Protection from elements: Your boat is susceptible to wear and tear from extreme weather like snow, rain, and heat. Indoor boat storage gets your boat out of the elements and prevents heat and weather exposure from potentially damaging it.

How much does boat storage cost?

How much boat storage costs depends on several factors, including the type of storage, location, features, and size. You can use our website to learn more about available storage options near you.

  • Storage type: Outdoor boat storage is the most cost-effective option because you rent a boat parking space instead of a unit. Unfortunately, the cheaper option compromises your boat’s protection as it’s susceptible to the elements when left outside. Indoor boat storage is typically the most expensive option and may only be suitable for smaller boats, but it protects the boat from the elements that may damage it.
  • Location: Storage unit prices vary by location. Our competitively priced boat storage solutions are based on the local market. You can view our current prices by browsing our available storage units in your area.
  • Size: Larger boat storage units cost more than smaller ones due to the costs associated with maintenance and the amount of space needed for storage. 
  • Features: Usually, boats don’t need special features like climate control to protect them. However, they can provide peace of mind for a higher price.

How do you prepare a boat for storage?

Most people who need to rent storage units must properly winterize their boats before storing them. Winterizing means preparing the boat for cold weather, even though it won’t be used. Here are a few steps to help you prepare your boat for storage:

  1. Replace oil: Oil that sits dormant in a boat can lead to corrosion, so you should replace the engine oil before storing it. 
  2. Flush and drain cooling water: Freezing water expands, which can cause engine problems. Flushing your engine with clean water and removing the drain plug can remove water from the engine and prepare it for storage during the winter.
  3. Stabilize fuel: Fuel deteriorates after a few months, which can affect your engine’s performance. To stabilize the fuel, you can add a fuel stabilizer and run the engine for a few minutes to ensure it runs throughout the system.
  4. Grease, lubricate, and protect: Consider using a fogging oil spray to coat the engine's parts in an anti-corrosive compound to prevent internal components from rusting when exposed to the winter elements.
  5. Clean and cover: Once your boat is winterized, remove any valuables before cleaning and covering it to prevent scratches.

What size boats does a storage facility accommodate?

Indoor boat storage is best suited for smaller watercrafts like skippers and jet skis. Shorter boats will fit perfectly in our large 10 x 30 ft storage units. However, larger boats and their trailers will require outdoor storage.

Will my boat be safe at a boat storage facility?

An indoor boat storage facility will ensure your boat has the same level of protection from the elements as it does when stored in your garage. However, it can also protect your boat from theft. Key Storage offers safety features like video monitoring, gates, and an on-premise manager to protect your boat and provide peace of mind.

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