July 17th, 2021

Summer break is coming to an end and students everywhere are dreading their return to school. As a parent of a college student, you’re probably having mixed feelings. The happiness of them moving onto bigger and better things, paired with the sadness of seeing them leave the house and start to make their way in the world. It’s a cycle we see every year, and trust us when we say, we understand and we’re here for you.

Chances are, your kid wants to take everything with them; literally everything. The reality is, they can’t. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help you get them organized to get the most from their new dorm space.

So before you start saying “no” to all the things they want to take, let us help you, so they can take more of what reminds them of home while they are away.

Tips to maximize space in the dorm room

Bed storage The area under the bed is there for more than sliding empty pizza boxes or shoving a mess into when people come to visit. Organize shoes, seasonal clothes, or even hobby materials under the bed in bins, bags, or boxes. Once everything has a place, it doesn’t need to clutter or be shoved somewhere that would otherwise make the room feel crowded.

Hooks Keeps things off the floor. With the limited square footage in a room it’s important to clear all falling hazards and instead find a way to get things off the floor. Hooks are great for bags of all kinds, and serve as a great way to free up closet space from bulkier items like jackets and hats. Isn’t it time to get the hook up? Literally…

Bed caddy The funny thing about dorm spaces is that they’re a step above a hospital room, but a step down from a hotel room. So, while they may have the basics, there are some items they just won’t have. For example, instead of filling the space up with a night stand, consider getting a mattress caddy to hold a phone, charger, keys, wallet, and maybe a book they might be reading, when they are not partying.

Door organizers The door to the room and bathroom is so much more than a barrier from the outside world when they need peace and quiet. Instead it’s an opportunity to put items that they need to reach for regularly. Remote controls, umbrellas, scarves, hats, gloves, are all items they can put on the door. In the restroom it could be a great place for things like tooth brushes, toothpaste, shower necessities, etc.

College is a great time for young adults to explore the world and prepare for what is ahead of them. Our team is proud to be there to help you walk them through their new life. When the time is right, we’re also here for you when you need a place to put their bedroom items, as you prepare for the next phase in your own life.

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