Self-Storage Benefits

July 28th, 2021

Did you think storage was just for people that have things piled up everywhere? Think again! Storage units can be used for a variety of lifestyles and situations. At Key Storage, we know our customers are all unique, and come to us for different needs. Check out these top 5 reasons you would need to find a storage unit.

Buying or selling a space

If you’re moving and need to store your large items such as furniture and appliances, a storage unit can relieve some stress and clutter. For example, when preparing your home for an open house, a storage unit can be a place to store your personal items. This allows your home to speak for itself without overwhelming potential buyers with unnecessary items.

Renting your place

Airbnb’s have been the latest trend for making easy income. If you find yourself renting out your place while away on vacation or business trips, consider a storage unit for your personal belongings and valuables. There’s no need to worry about security with our top of the line protection features.

You’re a collector

If you collect items such as antiques, books, or dolls, climate control might be a must for you. A storage unit gives you the option to control the temperature and humidity levels to ensure your items stay in mint condition without making major changes to your home.

Your student returns home for break

When your children go off to college, it’s common to use their bedrooms as extra space. When they return home to visit or stay over for holiday breaks, a storage unit can hold all the extra items so your kids feel right at home! With the number of unit options available, we’re sure to have a unit to fit all your needs.

Declutter your home

Sometimes it’s hard letting go of family heirlooms, childhood yearbooks, holiday decorations, etc. Throwing away your prized possessions isn’t your only option for an organized space. A storage unit can be the perfect extension to your home and hold all those memories without taking up room. Visit your nearest Key Storage location, and let our storage professionals assist you. We offer everything from moving packing supplies to storage locks. Call us in advance and we will have the items you need waiting for you!

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