Storage Tips

October 12th, 2021

Apartment hunting season will soon be here and before you go out looking for the perfect place to call home our team wanted to share some ideas for those looking to get the most out of their space. Never fear, we’ve got your back!Whether you’re seeking a one bedroom or sharing a space with a roomie in a two bedroom, all of these tips apply.

Storage Ideas for All of Your Things

1. Kitchen: If storage is at a minimum, then try a hanging rack for all of your pots and pans. It saves from one or two cabinets being cluttered and can create a nice look in the kitchen when done right. Who knows, you might even impress the person your dating by showing them you can cook.

2. Closets: When it comes to space, closets can be the most sacred for many

of us. If you’re having trouble finding space for all your stuff, think of building UP! That’s right, there’s lots of space under your clothes, behind your hanging clothes, and if you have shelves, maximize space by getting racks for that go up. Shoes, bags, folded clothes, you name it, can all be stored here.

3. Living Room: Don’t invest in clunky entertainment sets or stands, mount your TV and free up that floor space to keep the living room open. This can give the impression of a bigger space than you might have.

Need a coffee table? If it’s a must, then find one that doubles as storage for all your important things like magazines, remotes, extra pillows or throw blankets.

4. Bathroom: Some apartments don’t have closets to hold towels and bed sheets, so if there is space above your toilet, consider getting a standing cabinet or floating shelves that goes behind the toilet and up to the ceiling. It creates the shelving you’re looking for without making your restroom feel like you can’t move.

5. Entryway: If you love plants but don’t have space to put them in your apartment, consider creating a wall garden. Some great places to put it would be at the entryway. It provides a welcoming view, and can add a real pop of color, especially if you can’t paint the walls.

If you’re moving from your parents home, if you’re downsizing from another space, don’t be surprised if some of your items just don’t fit into your apartment. That’s when outside storage will be required because no amount of spacing tips will be able to hold everything you own.

In a study done by Storage.com across some major cities in the United States, it noted that the savings for someone downsizing and getting a one-bedroom and a storage unit for their extras, could be as high as $1,000, over the course of a year when compared to them getting a two-bedroom instead.

So do yourself a favor and consider getting a storage unit that fits you and save the money for something fun!

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