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Seeing your kid head off into the world is bittersweet. You’ve worked your entire life to get them to this point, but now you are going to miss their every waking moment in the home with you. Nevertheless, as they move on with their life, you will move on with yours. Many empty nesters find themselves at a loss on what to do with the extra space in their homes. We’ve got some ideas for you. Transformations and reclamations of space do not happen overnight. It will take time to think, plan, and finally identify what you will need to buy. Then, you will need to find a storage facility you can trust with all the memories you’ll need to store.

5 Room Ideas For Empty Nesters:

Reading Room – It’s not surprising that after living as long as you have, you’ve likely collected a large number of books and periodicals that you’d like to keep, but never had a place to display them. It’s time to dust those boxes off in the garage and create a reading room in your new space and give yourself a relaxing space to retire to when the day is ending.

Craft Room – Hobbyists rejoice. You’ve waited a long time for a place that you can store your materials while still keeping up the hobby you love. Now you have a space to call your own.

Guest Bedroom – Not a major transformation, but now that the kids are out of the house you can take down the Kayne posters, and turn the room into a general guest bedroom with your touch and taste. So, whether your kids come back home for a visit, or you have other family from out of town, they have someone to sleep.

Gym – Once you’ve put all the bedroom furniture into storage it’s time to turn that room into your own personal gym. Pick up a treadmill, a stationary bike, some weights and you have no excuse not to keep yourself fit.

Office – Chances are you may still be working and what better way to make work easier than having a space you can work from, if you need to stay home, or a place to pay bills, or maybe even run a side business after work. All of it is possible now.

Now that you have a plan, be sure that you find the right storage to store those memories for you. Be sure to ask the right questions and always check to see if they are running specials that you can take advantage of. If you’re looking for a storage company near you, let us know how we can help.

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