July 17th, 2021

Spring cleaning can be good for the soul for many reasons. It’s an opportunity to clear some space and rid yourself of items that don’t serve a purpose anymore. Doctors even believe that it’s good for your health. Still not convinced? Here are six things you can learn when you spring clean.

You learn what’s important

When you clean your space, you begin to see which items really matter to you. Some things that used to be important might not have the same meaning anymore. After all, everything has a expiration date. If you have things that you just want to hold onto, then perhaps a self-storage unit you can trust would be the best place to preserve it while you’re not using it.

How to give back

Spring cleaning is an excellent time to donate unused items. Articles of clothing that are in good condition can be given to local shelters. Many organizations are always in need of books, toys, shoes, jackets, winter coats and more. There’s always someone who could use the things that you aren’t using any longer. 

Cleaning can freshen up a space

Thinking of rearranging your furniture? You’ll need to make some space first. Spring cleaning can give you more options on how you want to organize your living room. Sketch how you would like your room to look and plan from there. Sometimes something as simple as a rearrangement can change the entire feel of your space.

Cleaning reduces stress

For many, cleaning is considered to be a form of therapy. It makes you feel productive and allows you to have a tidier living space. It’s been proven that cleaner living areas increase productivity and reduce stress. 

Why it’s good for your health

Dust can be found everywhere in the home. Think about it. When was the last time you dusted your shelves? Cleaning reminds you how often dust and other types of pet dander float in the air you breathe. Eliminating those allergens will allow you to consume cleaner air and improve your health.

It can increase positivity

Setting goals and achieving them gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Spring cleaning can have the same effect on your life. Clean a particular spot in your home and you’ll notice a difference when you’re done. Accomplishing these small projects will boost your self-esteem and carry over to your work and family life, too. Spring cleaning can be fun! Put on some good background music and set a goal for yourself. Don’t see it as a chore. Let go of things that don’t spark joy in your life. Need some help with home organization? If you’re looking for self-storage that you can rely on, find a Key Storage location near you. Reserve the perfect unit.

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