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Self-storage units can be a great option if you are moving, renovating, need extra storage for your business, or just need collectibles storage. Our self-storage locations offer secure, convenient and clean storage options for the treasures you choose to store with us. It’s important to have the peace of mind to know that the things you love are in good hands.Here are three tips to keep your self-storage unit organized and clean so that you can find what you need when you need it.

Explore Storage Sizes

Size may not be everything, but when it comes to self-storage, it is! Our team of experts can help you find the right self-storage boxes to store your items in. The more of the same size box you have, the better it is for stacking. This makes room for more items on your list. Remember to pack heavy items on the bottom and light items on top. This makes the storage boxes holding the items you use often, easier to access.

Label Each and Every Box

Get yourself a pack of Sharpies and label every box in your storage unit. Label the top and at least one side of the box with information such as the room the box came from, and the contents inside of it. Remember detail is key! You want to be able to find what you need fast, easy and without any headaches.

Store Smart

If you’re going to be storing large items such as furniture, start the process by cleaning and polishing. If you are able to take apart the furniture and store it in pieces, do so to save space. Keep a few pieces of furniture in place to be used as a storing unit for other boxes and items. For example, fill drawers and cabinets with items to save space for more of what you want to store. Anything without a self-storage box should be covered to prevent dust and damages.

Organizing your new self-storage unit may seem intimidating, but with these tips, it can turn into a fun and stress-free experience.

Visit your nearest Key Storage location, and let our storage professionals assist you. We offer everything from moving packing supplies to storage locks. Call us in advance and we will have the items you need waiting for you!

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