Storage Tips

July 17th, 2021

TIP #1
Gather all the supplies that you will need to pack and protect your valuables. This includes: boxes, tape, markers, bubble wrap, furniture covers, wardrobe boxes, etc. You can purchase all these materials from us, on site, if you like. Our team can provide great recommendations based on what you’re moving.

TIP #2
Pack items in strong, same-size boxes so they are easier to stack in your unit. This maximizes the floor space. Place heavier boxes on the bottom of a stack, and with each box stacked on top, it should progressively get lighter in weight. Our ceilings are typically 9-10 feet tall which offers plenty of room to stack.

TIP #3
When you store a table, remove the legs so that you can stand the table top vertically. This takes up a lot less room!

TIP #4
Store sofas, couches, and tables on their ends (not recommended for sofa beds). Cover the floor underneath with an old sheet or plastic tarp to protect the upholstery or wood from getting scratched.

TIP #5
If you’re storing a dresser, or chest of drawers, use the drawers as additional storage space for lightweight items. This is another amazing space saving tip!

TIP #6
Boxes of records or documents will be easier to access if you place them on shelving. We also provide top quality shelves for purchase or rent, on site. We’re not kidding when we say we have it all!

TIP #7
Remove or fold the handles of lawnmowers and other garden equipment. Don’t forget to drain all gasoline before storing equipment!

TIP #8
If you plan to keep certain items in storage on a regular basis, place them in the front of the unit, this will allow you to access them easier.

TIP #9
Use wardrobe boxes to hang clothing, draperies and other fabrics so that they can breathe while in storage.

TIP #10
Draw a simple map of your storage unit floor showing where everything is located. Keep the map and a written inventory with your lease.

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