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We all have that one drawer, that one closet, even that one room, in our house that is the catch all. Need a highlighter? It’s in the drawer. Looking for an old pair of shoes? It’s in the junk closet. Looking for a piece of mail? It’s in the stack of papers moved to the spare bedroom when guests came over. Places we think are out of sight tend to collect the things we don’t need.This becomes especially dangerous for those who work from home. A cluttered home office makes it difficult to get things done, yet the market for working from home is growing.The top industries seeing more work from home teams are:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Sales
  • Information Technology
  • Administrative

Benefits of a home office

Having a home office is perfect for those in positions that require it, and in the long run, could be extremely beneficial in certain stages of life. It can significantly lower expenses compared to a leased office space, saving money that can be reinvested or saved for a rainy day. Working for yourself and having access to a home office increases your availability and is more convenient for you as you set your appointments.Imagine a world where you didn’t have to fight morning traffic. The environmental benefits alone could be worth it; no commute, no emissions, you control the temperature, and you can fully decorate however you like. Additionally, time saved from battling traffic is time you can spend with family and friends. Of course, having a home office will truly test your discipline. Can you be as productive as you are in an actual office? A home office, just like any other office, should be organized, clutter-free, and a reflection of who you are as a professional. A messy office can impact:

  • Quality of work
  • Your health
  • Client relationships
  • Productivity

Clear the clutter

If you’re at the point where you’re needing to organize your home office, then chances are you’ve collected a lot of clutter. What about those souvenirs your friends brought you from their travels, way too many pictures or, all the books you “plan” to read?  We can go on and on. A clean office space allows you to focus on the tasks at hand. The more items that fill your space, the more likely you are to get distracted. So clear that space from all the distractions!

Scan and shred

If you can stack a pile of mail taller than you then you may want to consider going on “America’s Got Talent.” Actually, you should really consider getting rid of it! Our next tip is to go digital. The idea of digitizing your documents can be daunting. We say if it’s an important document and you need a paper copy, by all means keep it. Just store it in a safe place. All other paper you’re hoarding? Scan it and shred it. Many of us don’t own a scanner but nowadays there are a number of apps out there that turn your camera into a scanner for all your documents. You can choose to save them on your phone or you can transfer them to your computer where they can live permanently. Don’t want to take up space on your computer? Put the files on a USB drive or back them up on an external hard drive. Once your documents are saved, shred away!

Shelving is key

Our next tip is to utilize shelves and storage. Shelves are a great place to showcase your family photos! Whether you want to tackle hanging shelves on the wall or prefer to buy a free-standing shelf, this is where you can display all your other decorative pieces. Those books you plan to read? Depending on how many you have, you can arrange them horizontally by color to create a visually appealing space. Or maybe you can stack them vertically and put a plant next to them. Either way, we think shelves are a great space for the items you don’t need for work.

Supply storage

You know that moment when you’re searching for a paper clip and you just can’t seem to find one? We know how frustrating that can be. This is why we recommend organizing your supplies in containers. Keep all your pens and pencils in your favorite holder. We recommend a drawer organizer so that you can have a compartment for your paper clips, Post-it notes, thumbtacks, etc. Next time you go to look for what you need, you’ll know exactly where to find it!

Labels are life

Labels can help you find what you need faster. There’s no thinking or guessing involved when you can see exactly what it is. Plus, if someone else is getting something for you in your office, they’ll know exactly where to find it. Labels not only keep things in place but ensure consistency. It’s the little things that matter!

Decluttering your home office should be a priority. It’s vital you plan for success. If you clean out your home office and find yourself with additional items that need storage, then visit any one of our Key Storage locations and let our team of experts help you find the perfect unit. Our self-storage units have state-of-the-art-security where you can have the peace of mind that your items will be cared for. 

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