Self-Storage Benefits

July 17th, 2021

From scrapbooking, to quilting, and even collecting limited edition memorabilia, a hobby can become a full time job with a whole lot of tools and materials. Where do you find the space to keep it all? Maybe you have boxes taking over your living room or your basement, and it’s driving your family crazy! There’s no reason for you to live a life filled with clutter, self-storage services can help you get organized.

Here are three reasons why self-storage should be considered:

Climate Control

Climate control is an option that many of our self-storage locations offer. This means that dust, pests and humidity are not a problem. This is especially true in areas where weather conditions can become extreme. You want your valuables to remain in good condition for whenever you need them.


Your materials, inventory, or collectables should be safe and sound. Our storage locations offer easy access with an onsite team that is ready to serve you. All of our storage locations have top of the line security, around the clock video monitoring, and security lighting. You’ll also find comfort in knowing our on-premise resident managers are around 24/7.

Double The Space…Sort Of

Our self-storage units essentially double the space for your activities, without expanding your home or apartment. If you’re a scrap booker sort your photos and materials in clear bins for easy access and keep archives, and extra supplies in our storage. If you need collectibles storage, items that are meant to stay in their original boxes, a self-storage unit is a great alternative to keeping it all around the house. With the right size unit, you can relieve yourself of the clutter and stress.

Having a hobby doesn’t have to create clutter in your life. Considering self-storage could be the best decision you could make for yourself. Find one of our self-storage locations near you and speak to our team of experts to help you select the right unit for you. Come see the difference with Key Storage. We have offered customers like you personalized service for over 40 years!

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