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Storage Unit Prices: How Much Is a Storage Unit? | Key Storage

How Much Does a Storage Unit Cost?

If you’re moving, organizing your home, need extra space for inventory, or have a student coming home for the summer, you may be wondering about storage unit prices. Finding extra space can be challenging, but storage units can be an affordable solution to getting organized. In our storage unit pricing guide below, we’ll walk through how much storage units cost, the factors that affect the price of a storage unit, and more. 


How Much Is a Storage Unit?

So, how much are storage units? The price of storage units varies depending on various factors that we will discuss below. However, according to an analysis by, the average price of storage units can range anywhere between $70 to $300 or more. On average, smaller storage units are cheaper than larger storage units because larger storage units have more square footage.


In some areas of the country, self-storage prices are increasing due to demand, especially from the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic that forced people to convert areas of their homes into home offices. With the need for more space, many turned to storage units to temporarily house some of their belongings as they adapted to new living and working arrangements.

How Much Is a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?

There are two types of storage units: traditional storage units and climate-controlled storage units. A traditional storage unit is often cheaper than a climate-controlled storage unit. This is because climate-controlled storage units require more resources, such as electricity and monitoring, to ensure storage units maintain a constant temperature. That being said, the average price of climate-controlled storage units is higher, with’s analysis finding them to cost $190 per month. Depending on your needs, investing in a climate-controlled storage unit can be a smart choice.


If you’re wondering whether a climate-controlled storage unit is right for you, consider the items you plan on storing. Certain items can be prone to damage from humidity and water, such as:


  • Photographs

  • Artwork

  • Electronics

  • Books

  • Paperwork

  • Antiques

  • Clothing

  • Wood furniture

  • Leather furniture

  • Musical instruments


Renting a climate-controlled storage unit is recommended if you plan on storing these objects or similar belongings that can be sensitive to humidity and temperature fluctuations. Paying a little extra per month can give you peace of mind knowing your belongings won’t get damaged or ruined by factors like water, humidity, and dust.

What Factors Affect Storage Unit Costs?

As stated, storage unit prices vary depending on several factors. By knowing the factors that influence the cost of storage units, you can do your research to ensure you get the best rate. Factors that influence storage unit cost include:


  • Storage unit size: One of the top factors that affect storage unit prices is the size of the storage unit. Similar to homes, the larger the size, the more expensive. This means renting a 5x5 storage unit, for example, will be cheaper than renting a 10x20 storage unit. However, larger units generally cost less per square foot, meaning you could save more per square foot if you need more space.

  • Availability: The time of year can also affect storage unit prices. Because most people tend to move between late spring and early fall, storage unit prices can be higher between April and October. However, depending on location, prices can be higher in the winter for those looking for winter storage.

  • Location:  Another key factor that dictates storage unit prices is the location. In most cases, storage units in metropolitan areas like New York City, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Boston are often more expensive per month compared to suburban or rural areas, such as Harahan, Louisiana, for example. This is because metropolitan areas often have more demand, driving up prices.

  • Type of storage unit: As mentioned, the type of storage unit you rent can dictate the price you pay. Climate-controlled units regulate humidity and air temperature year-round, ensuring your belongings are protected. However, the costs associated with maintenance and installation can drive up the costs of storage units. Additionally, some storage facilities may offer a host of amenities you can take advantage of. However, these can come at an extra cost. For example, 24/7 access, security, and extra cameras for video monitoring can increase the price of a storage unit.

  • Fees and taxes: As with most purchases, storage units can come with fees and taxes, which are important to consider when shopping for the best storage unit price.


These are some of the top factors that can affect the cost of storage units. When searching for the best storage unit prices, take time to do your research. Often, storage facilities have promotional events throughout the year where you can get discounts and deals on storage units that help you save money. For example, you may get one month free when signing up during a holiday event or lock in a special rate. You should also compare prices of storage units in your area to compare factors, such as availability and selection of storage unit sizes, that can impact the price.

What Are the Benefits of Storage Units?

If you’re wondering whether you should rent a storage unit, it’s important to think of the benefits it can offer. Some of the ways storage units can help include:


Benefits of storage units


  • Organize your home or office: If you’re low on space in your home or office, whether you’re in the middle of a kitchen renovation or need extra room for inventory, storage units can help. You can also use storage units to store seasonal items that might take up space and aren’t needed year-round.

  • Keep belongings secure: If you have important belongings, such as personal records or sensitive equipment, a storage unit can keep those items secure. With video monitoring and security, you can have peace of mind knowing your belongings are protected.

  • Transition between moves: Moving can be a stressful process, especially when it comes to packing and organizing your belongings. By renting a storage unit, you can start your move early and store items you don’t need during your move.

  • Efficiency: Storage units can also be very efficient, as they make it easy to organize your belongings and pick them up or drop them off whenever you need to.

  • Student storage: If you have children returning from college for a summer, you can store their dorm or apartment furniture and items to reduce clutter in your home.

Wrapping Up: Storage Unit Prices

The cost of storage units can vary greatly depending on factors like storage unit size, location, and any extra amenities. If you’re looking for affordable prices for storage units near you, take time to do your research to save. At Key Storage, we have several storage unit sizes to choose from and storage locations in five states across the country. If you want affordable storage unit prices, contact our team today

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