July 17th, 2021

While summer may linger in many states, most areas will start the transition from high heat to cooler temperatures in the coming weeks and months as we move into fall. For many, thoughts of fall are reminders of pumpkin-flavored everything, candles, fireplaces, and being outdoors to name a few. It’s also a time when many homes replace some of their décor’s softer colors of summer, with the warmer colors of fall.

The aim is to make every room as inviting as the next. Don’t be afraid to make a statement about who you are by adding a few clear-cut, statement pieces to make the seasonal transition complete. 

We’ve had the opportunity to talk to many of our customers and they’ve shared some of their top decorating tips for Fall. 

Fall decorating tips for your home

It’s all about the color
Take advantage of the cooler weather and roll up your sleeves and paint some walls, or get someone to paint them for you. Introducing new colors to the walls and fabrics can make the whole room feel like a different place. Review the color palette below and choose your favorite fall colors then find two or three complementary colors to help bring it together.

The Benjamin Moore site shares the top year-round color trends for 2021. Any of these colors mixed across the room can make your room feel timeless. Which colors do you like?

Bring in natural elements
Bringing in mossy greens and wood grains can help establish a seasonal theme. Visit small towns in your area where artisans often live and keep an eye out for their handcrafts. Pieces can be as big or as little as you want. Having them accent the room on shelves, tables, and floor can create statement pieces will get the conversation going. Explore what you might already have in the garage or storage that you can breathe new life into. 

Get the most from your decorations
When decorating your new space, consider the longevity of those decorations. Having decorations that can be used all year long or that only need quick updates creates less stress from having to redecorate for a holiday or season. Natural pieces like twigs, wicker, pinecones and such are great examples of decorative pieces that can remain all year.

Candles can truly set the mood
Including candles in your décor is another great way to add some flair. Candles and candle holders can create a welcoming atmosphere. Mix and match candles of all sizes and colors.

Accent pillows and rugs
The right color combinations of pillows and rugs can really add comfort and seasonality to any room. Match or find complementary colored fabrics to cover couches, chairs, and benches. Find rugs that bring furniture and walls together. With enough space, you can create zones in your home, each for something different. 

These are just a few ideas to bring the season into your home. Remember to put away all your off-season furniture, and décor in self-storage, to keep your home clean and clutter-free until Spring. 

Key Storage has locations across the United States ready to store what you love safely and securely. Our climate-controlled units ensure that your treasures are in the same condition when you need them as when left them. Our units come sized for every need, and our locations also offer materials to help you pack, wrap, and store anything from beds to kitchen plates.

As you prepare for the new season, make use of self-storage to keep the holidays stress-free. You can start the process today!

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