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As the holiday season comes to an end, what are you going to do with all of your decorations? Imagine pulling them out next year and knowing where each item is. It will help you decorate more efficiently and will lessen stress. Plus, you don’t want them to get damaged before next year. We have a few tips to store your holiday decorations.

Take a picture

Take a picture of your decorations so next year you will remember how you decorated your home. Additional tip, print and attach those photos to the outside of your containers as labels.

Use labels

If you don’t want to use the photos as labels, use anything thing that works best for you. Color-coded sticky labels, tags, and painters tape are great to work with.

Create a year-round gift central

If you really love to elaborately wrap gifts, consider creating a gift central station in you home. If you have the space, use a small closet to set this up or a corner in your bedroom.

Use clear containers

This helps when you begin to look for something specific next year. Think resealable plastic bags, take out containers, and plastic egg or apple containers. Save these items and then use them to store ornaments or other small decorations.

Wrap those lights

One of the worst decorating experiences is untangling strings of lights. Wrap those strings of lights around squares of cardboard or around coffee cans or water bottles.

Hang your wreathes

Hang your wreathes on a wall hook in your storage space. This will prevent them from being smushed inside a box. If you have the door space, use the door hanger on the back of that door. Cover them with fabric or plastic to prevent them getting dusty.

Get creative storing that tree

Artificial trees are great options to decorate for the holidays but the boxes can be so large. Toss the box and wrap the tree in bed sheets. Use old belts or string to tie it up and store it.

Keep Inventory

You will forget what you have and be tempted to buy more of the same stuff next year. Make a list of what you already have and keep it taped to a large, visible storage container or on a cloud-based note pad because you may have a new phone next year.

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