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Did you promise to declutter your home in 2018? If not you should. Less stuff equals less cleaning. It’s true. If you want to keep 2021 clutter free, here are a few tips to help you with that.

Start with a strategy

Depending on the amount of clutter that you need to rid yourself of, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the thought of decluttering for the new year. Schedule time in your calendar for specific decluttering tasks. Break down your areas of clutter into parts. Schedule time every day or every week to tackle part. Don’t try to do it all at once.

Have the appropriate supplies on hand

The easiest thing to sidetrack you from completing your decluttering goals is looking for the supplies you need. Gather those up before you begin. Bins, large labels, and trash bags will come in handy when you begin to declutter.

Use the Keep, Trash, Donate, or Sell method

Use your bins or trash bags and create one for each category. As you clear the clutter from any room, immediately place items in one of these bins. The key is to make quick decisions. Setting a timer is helpful to stay focused. Using bins will allow you to stop and start again easily if you are decluttering over a few days or weeks. Throw out the trash immediately after each session to avoid the temptation to keep items.

Turn clutter into cash

Be careful with creating a bin of things to sell. Make sure you schedule the time to actually sell those items. You can take items to resale shops, hold a garage/yard sale, or sell them online. Keep in mind that selling items online will mean that you will need proper storage for these items until they are sold.

Look for these specific items:

Here are a few items that we all have and are easier to sort through and reduce.

  • Anything that we have multiples (small appliances, cardigans, books, toys, etc.)
  • Damaged items (dishes, electronics, furniture, etc.)
  • Clothes or shoes that you haven’t worn in a year
  • Supplies or collections pertaining to old hobbies

One in, one out rule for collections

That may sound contradictory but if you already have a large collection of books, movies, games, etc., that the collection is spilling over, then it’s time to implement the one in, one out rule. For every new collection item you bring in, one item must be donated, sold, or discarded.

Clear table tops and counter surfaces

At the end of each day, clear your table tops and counter surfaces. Just the view of empty space will make you feel productive. If this isn’t a habit you already have, it’s a good time to start. Every item in your home or office should have a home. Designate that home elsewhere than your horizontal surfaces.

Set a date

To motivate yourself to complete your decluttering goals, set a date for a donation home pick-up by one of your favorite charities. Also consider inviting people over for a dinner party or hosting your book club at your home. With a definite deadline, you are more likely to get the work done.

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