Self-Storage Benefits

July 17th, 2021

Running a business can be one of the hardest things to do, whether you’re taking care of details like ordering supplies, or handling bigger issues like providing quality customer service, there’s plenty to keep you busy. It’s understandable that the last thing you want to think about is the lack of space in your work area or the clutter.  

Whether your business is growing or has been around a while, the need for space has likely increased and that’s where self-storage proves to be super convenient. Moving to a new or bigger location is extremely expensive, impossible in some cases, but it’s definitely better than letting all those excess items stack up.  

Benefits of climate-controlled self-storage

Having a climate-controlled self-storage unit can be a cost-effective and convenient solution to your space issues. Here are ideas on how you can use the self-storage unit space. 
  • Storing seasonal items that you don’t want to throw away or have to re-purchase next year (hey, those Christmas decorations get more expensive each year) that only take up space in your office. 
  • Excess inventory like boxes of extra documents or office supplies that are too important to throw away. Paper, though an asset when it comes to documenting your business, can stack up fast and become a problem. 
  • If you’re relocating, having a place to put your stuff temporarily is important. 
  • If you’re downsizing your business, remodeling or renovating, you’ll want to protect your inventory, supplies or even furniture. 
  • If you’re expanding, you can buy what you need now and store it until you get your business space secured. 
  • If having a brick and mortar location is too expensive, but you still have work supplies taking up space, store it all safely and securely.  
When it comes to business, everything is an investment. This is why it’s important to have a self-storage unit that not only stores what you’ve worked so hard for, but also has a climate-controlled environment that keeps your belongings in the condition they were in when you first put them away.  

Industries using self-storage

There are many different types of industries that can benefit from self-storage. Here are a few examples. 

As a subcontractor, you may not have an office but still have tools and equipment to store, such as lumber, piping, oversized tools and other supplies. Having easy-access to loading docks is a big plus. If you’re looking to keep your vital supplies in an accessible and securely locked location, a self-storage unit is your solution. 
Careful storage for multiple tools and equipment keeps the blades, motors, and engines in pristine working condition until your next job. No need to store them in the back of your truck or garage. A storage unit allows you to remain mobile and maintain a quick and professional service. 

There’s a lot of equipment that needs to be constantly used by professional roofers. So, having a climate-controlled unit keeping it all organized and safe is important and cost effective while providing access to what you need, when you need it. 

Contract Painters
Storing paint and painting equipment in an organized and climate-controlled unit for long or short term is a big advantage for contract painters. It keeps the paint fresh, and equipment in top shape. This is especially important in regions where there are dramatic drops and rises in temperatures. 

Retail and E-Commerce
Online stores and retail businesses with brick and mortar storefronts benefit from having additional storage space. Everything from inventory to booth supplies or manufacturing equipment need to be stored in a space that protects their condition.  

Restaurants and Catering 
Commercial kitchens of all sizes use self-storage for tools, equipment racks, and extra inventory needed to run the restaurant. It’s also a great place for catering companies to store tables, chairs, and serving equipment they use for major events. Having a self-storage provides the confidence that the materials you invested in will last. 

Plumbers often carry around a lot of tools but not all are necessary for every job. Having a unit where tools can be easily accessed will make their job easier. Since their tools are investments, finding a storage facility that’s secure will be important.  

When it comes to medical equipment, nothing is more important than keeping it safe. They are strong investments but can also occupy a lot of space. Since not all equipment is necessary at all times, storage units can keep medical equipment in optimal condition for their next use.

Electricians work with different types of tools, and a variety of material like tubing, cables and electronic devices. That’s why having a storage unit that will keep all the equipment in one place, secured, and easily accessed, is a big advantage.  

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