Inventory Tips

October 12th, 2021

Make a complete inventory of the items you place in storage. It only takes a few minutes and you’ll be glad you did. An inventory helps you remember what you stored and where to find it, so you don’t have to randomly open boxes looking for that one thing you need right now. There are lots of ways to develop a good inventory. Here are some suggestions:

  • Draw a simple “floor plan” of your unit and mark where you’ve placed items and boxes
  • Number the boxes and keep a list of the numbers and corresponding contents
  • Categorize your belongings. For instance, pack toys together, jewelry in its own box, photos in archival boxes. Don’t get in such a rush that you throw things willy-nilly into boxes
  • Instead of writing the list, make a visual inventory by taking photos or videos of box contents and the unit as you’re moving items in
  • Explore smartphone inventory apps — a number of good ones are available for iPhone and Android. Some insurance companies provide free apps.

When you finish your inventory, keep a copy with your lease and your list updated as you add items to storage.

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