Summer Storage for College Students

Summer means school will be out and following the excitement is the dread that comes from moving. Finding a place for your belongings can take the joy right out of everything. For starters, dragging everything you own back home for the Summer is out of the question, but self-storage might offer the best alternative to taking it all with you. The right self-storage company like Key Storage will keep all of your belongings secure at a great price. Don’t forget to check for our promotions and other discounts as well!
Finding the right unit size is easy and many of them are climate-controlled ensuring that your belongings will be in the same condition they were in before you stored them. This is also a huge win for parents who can avoid overcrowding their home with all your things.
College students can procrastinate on a lot of things, but finding a self-storage facility near campus should not be one of them. As summer approaches, options will shrink. So, here are a few tips to ensure your self-storage is working as hard for you as you are for your grades.
Summer is peak season across the board. Many college students may find that they are also up against military transfers, families moving into new homes, and people renovating during the summer. Don’t get left out! Remember, the earlier you reserve your space the better, and chances are you’ll find a great price for a unit nearby.
Be sure you see our packing tips for the most efficient way to pack all of your belongings safely, securely, and without trouble. Make sure you’re using every nook and cranny by filling up drawers and openings with other packed items. 
Have a friend who is also leaving and needs self-storage? Consider splitting the cost of a bigger unit that you both can share. Using packing techniques and tips from our website, you can make sure that the storage unit you selected is filled to the top. It’s a great way to save money too and in some ways, might come out cheaper than getting one for yourself.
While we share a number of tips and techniques to pack efficiently, here are a few key items you want to make sure you keep in mind when it’s time to put your stuff into self-storage.
Any items you need regular access to, pack to the front of the storage units near the door so it can be accessed easily and quickly. When you load up your vehicle, make sure that everything is labeled and loaded backwards, so that the items you plan on using the least are unloaded first and placed towards the back of the self-storage unit.
Leaving boxes unfilled will put them at risk of getting crushed and collapsing. If you have space in your box, consider using newspaper or bubble wrap to fill it to prevent your stuff from being crushed.
Don’t put heavy stuff into large, awkward boxes. Place them into smaller ones. By balancing the weight of your stuff, you ensure that no box will be too hard to lift. And as good practice, do not lift heavy boxes that could potentially injure you.
The longer a student is in school the more space they will need. Students tend to buy more things for their rooms as time goes on. Check out our storage size guide.
  • A Freshman typically needs a 5×5 unit for some boxes, small furniture, and electronics.
  • A Sophomore needs a 5×10 for all the things that they had as a Freshman, plus more for a mattress, a box spring and electronics. 
  • A Junior needs a 5×15 unit for storing the equivalent of what a studio apartment might have.
  • A Senior might need a 10×10 unit because they’ve accumulated a lot more stuff in their 4 years that might include a bedroom set, table, books, papers, and even more electronics that need to be stored securely.
Knowing this, you can plan accordingly when it comes to reserving your own self-storage unit.

Find the closest Key Storage location near you and let our team help take the stress out of self-storage. Not only will you be able to find the perfect unit, we also carry the packing materials to properly pack your things.. Don’t wait until the last minute to take advantage of everything we have to offer.