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Short Term Storage and Temporary Options for Moving | Key Storage

Short Term Storage and Temporary Options for Moving

Whether you’re a college student packing up your dorm for the summer, relocating, or simply want to declutter your home, short-term storage can help. Short-term storage units are available with various leases to ensure you only pay for what you need and nothing more. Looking for short-term storage options for you? Keep reading to learn more about short-term storage solutions, options, and what to look for. 



Storage Units for Short-Term Storage

Short-term storage, also known as temporary storage, is a type of storage solution where you rent a unit for a short period of time, typically three months or less. It’s usually ideal for individuals who only need to store a few items for a short amount of time. These options typically come with month-to-month leases for your convenience and to help you save. 

Who Is Short-Term Storage Best For?

What is short-term storage? Temporary storage is just that — temporary. It’s only meant for a few months. After which, you’ll take your belongings out and bring them back home when you decide to do something else with them. A few situations when you might benefit from short-term storage include the following: 

When to consider short-term storage


  • Renovations: You can’t knock down walls or paint with furniture in the way when renovating your home. Instead, you need to completely clear the space to protect your valuable belongings from getting damaged. 

  • Moving: College students returning home for the summer, home sellers moving to a smaller property, and individuals storing items when their move-in dates get pushed back may use short-term storage for large belongings. 

  • Travel: If you’re frequently traveling, you might not have a use for all your belongings. Instead, you might prefer storing clothing and furniture until you return home. 

  • Seasonal storage: Some items like outdoor furniture, sports equipment, and boats can’t be used year-round. Instead of storing them in your garage where anything might happen to them, you can choose a safe and secure short-term storage solution. 

  • Business storage: Businesses can use short-term storage for extra inventory or important business documents to avoid taking up space in the warehouse or office. 

Can I Rent a Storage Unit For a Week?

You often can’t rent a storage unit for a week, but you can find short-term storage options with month-to-month leases. This timeframe should give you enough time to pack and unpack without paying for an additional month or an entire year, depending on your needs. 

Short-Term Storage Sizes & Cost

Short-term storage costs vary, so it’s crucial to check prices in your area to determine your budget. A few factors that can impact how much you pay for short-term storage include: 


  • Storage unit size: The larger the unit, the more you’ll pay for short-term storage. The best way to avoid overpaying for a larger unit than you need is to read these tips for packing smarter and learn how to organize your belongings to maximize space. Additionally, you should make a list of all the items and their measurements to ensure you purchase the correct size for your needs. 

  • Storage facility location: Convenient storage locations near you can make it easier to store your belongings. However, short-term storage costs typically depend on location, with solutions in cities being more expensive than those outside of the city. 

  • Time of year: Short-term storage is typically cheaper in the cold winter months because fewer people move during that time. 

  • Type of storage unit: There are several types of storage units, and features like indoor storage and climate-controlled storage units typically come at an additional cost. 


One of the primary factors that will determine your short-term storage cost is the size of the unit. Short-term storage unit sizes vary by facility, but these are typically the most common: 


  • 5x5

  • 5x10

  • 10x10

  • 10x15

  • 10x20

  • 10x25

  • 10x30

Short-Term Storage Units vs. Moving Containers

You typically have two options for temporary storage: short-term storage units and moving containers. Contractors typically use moving containers to store tools and equipment. They can also be used by individuals for long-distance moves when you want to ship your belongings directly to you. With moving containers, you park the unit outside your home, typically in the driveway, where it’ll sit until you no longer need it. Key differences between short-term storage units and moving containers include the following: 


  • Convenience: Moving containers are convenient because they’re delivered to your location and sit in your driveway or outside your property, so you have access to your belongings when you need them. However, they can also be inconvenient since they take up a massive amount of space on your property. On the other hand, short-term storage is convenient because you don’t have to worry about giving up driveway space, and you can find units with drive-up loading. 

  • Cost: Short-term storage is often more affordable than moving containers because it doesn’t require a third party to deliver and pick up the container. 

  • Security: You might feel like moving containers are secure because they sit on your property and have a lock. However, short-term storage units are just as secure because they’re located on lots with security gates, guards, and video monitoring. 

  • Flexibility: Both moving containers and short-term storage units give you flexibility because you can keep them as long as you need. However, some storage units may have fixed rental periods, while others offer month-to-month renewals if you don’t cancel your contract. 

Considerations for Choosing a Temporary Storage Unit

Finding the right short-term storage unit for your needs doesn’t have to be challenging. While there may be several facilities in your area, there are a few things to consider to help you make the right choice: 

Considerations for choosing temporary storage


  • Size: Always try to measure your belongings before leasing a storage unit so you don’t end up paying for more space than you need. The larger your unit, the more you’ll pay on a monthly basis. 

  • Rental terms and length: Short-term month-to-month storage unit agreements can be more expensive than long-term yearly options in some cases. To save money, research the price of different storage unit terms for storing furniture and other belongings. 

  • Location: You want your storage unit to be conveniently located near you without having to drive through traffic to secure your belongings. Look for locations near your home or work to make getting belongings out of your unit easy. 

  • Climate control: If you plan on storing items long-term, climate-controlled units are typically the best option because they prevent humidity and temperature fluctuations from damaging your items. However, you may want to consider climate control for short-term storage during seasons with extreme temperatures. 

  • Security: Some storage unit locations are more secure than others. Look for a storage facility with features like video monitoring and security guards to ensure your stuff is secure. 

  • Accessibility: No one enjoys carrying heavy objects, so you should ensure your storage unit is accessible and has a drive-up option that can help you unload heavy objects. Additionally, you should opt for a drive-up option if you’re storing a vehicle that you’ll need to tow out. 

  • Pricing: The cost of your storage unit may play a significant role in your decision. Ultimately, many factors can impact the total cost, so it’s worth doing your research to find affordable rates in your area. 

How Can Key Storage Help?

Short-term storage units can help you declutter your home and store seasonal items that only take up space during the off-season. Looking for the right storage solution for your needs? Browse Key Storage’s available units near you. We offer small, medium, and large units for short- and long-term storage with convenient locations, security features, and climate-control options available.

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