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How to Organize a Room With Too Much Stuff | Key Storage

How to Organize a Room With Too Much Stuff

An overcrowded room can be a source of stress. Whether you’re used to living in small spaces or using a small bedroom as storage, having a cluttered room can feel like a nightmare. Fortunately, organizing a room with too much stuff, while it may feel daunting, is achievable. 


With the right tips and tricks, anyone can learn how to organize a small room with too much stuff. Effective storage solutions and decluttering techniques can transform your cramped space into a serene room, and even the most clutter-filled areas of your home can be reshaped.


Keep reading to learn how to organize stuff in a small room.


Steps on how to organize a room with too much stuff


1. Create a Plan

Before diving into the clutter, pause and assess the situation. Consider the room's primary function and how you’d like it to feel. By identifying your goals and how you envision the result, you can set a clear goal directly for decluttering and organizing stuff in your space. 


From there, you can create a plan. Breaking the task down into manageable steps can prevent feeling overwhelmed, a feeling that may have deterred you from organizing your room before now. Remember, every item you keep, donate, or discard brings you one step closer to that clutter-free space. 


2. Gather Supplies

Effective organization requires supplies and adhering to proven packing tips to streamline the process. Prepare by gathering boxes for sorting, labels for categorizing, storage bins for holding items, and trash bags for items you want to throw away. You should also bring along some cleaning supplies to freshen up the space as you go. Items like dusters, glass spray, and paper towels will go a long way toward refreshing a room that’s been holding too much stuff for far too long.


Gathering these supplies before you begin organizing a room ensures there are no disruptions or distractions, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. 


3. Sort Your Belongings

Deciding what stays and what goes can be one of the most challenging aspects of organizing a room. Create four distinct piles for items you want to keep, donate, sell, or throw away. Evaluate each item carefully. If it doesn’t serve a purpose or have sentimental value, it might be time to let it go. 


How to sort your belongings


Consider the last time you used or looked at each time, depending on its purpose. If it’s been collecting dust for years, you probably don’t need it. You can create a more organized room by being as selective as possible and prioritizing space over stuff.


4. Declutter One Area at a Time

Many people avoid decluttering entire homes or single rooms because of the magnitude of the task. Highly cluttered rooms can feel overwhelming. However, you can motivate yourself to keep going by tackling one area or category at a time and starting with something manageable. 


Start with small items like drawers or shelves. Declutter them to allow yourself to complete a single small task and set the tone for your productivity during the rest of the project. Then, move on to larger items like bookcases or entertainment systems. 


You can also set small, achievable goals to keep you motivated. For instance, getting the entire project done in a day may be impossible. Instead, set milestones for yourself for what you want to accomplish each day. Breaking the task into smaller chunks can make it feel less overwhelming. 


5. Organize

Now that you’ve eliminated clutter, you can finally organize the items left in the room. By categorizing items together, you can keep similar things in one place. For instance, you can put all of your books on a bookshelf or have a dedicated space for electronics and a cabinet for organizing important papers. This doesn’t only make the room more organized — it makes it more functional. Because items will be grouped together, you’ll be more easily able to find them when needed. 


Using hidden spaces like under-bed storage in guest rooms and bedrooms, incorporating closet organizers, and using vertical space can help you maximize the available space. For instance, if you want to learn how to organize a bedroom with too much stuff, you might try under-bed storage for items like comforters or clothing and closet organizers for items like shoes. 


You can also use clear containers to allow you to see what’s inside without having to search different areas of the room for something specific. If you decide against clear containers, you can label containers instead. In fact, label everything from bins to shelves and even drawers to make it easier to locate items when you need them. 


And don’t forget to make functional zones for specific activities. For instance, a bedroom might have a reading nook, a dressing area, and a small workspace. Meanwhile, a living room might have a dedicated space for games or other hobbies. 


6. Create Systems

An organized room can quickly revert to chaos without maintenance. Implementing a system ensures your newly organized room is easy to maintain and clutter won’t continue to pile up again. Make a rule that for every new item you buy, one has to be discarded in some way. Or, you can set a weekly routine when you plan to clean or tidy up the room. 


7. Consider Storage Units

Sometimes, we just have too much stuff, and no matter how much we organize or clean, a room can’t be utilized effectively because of it. Even if you’re not ready to part with your belongings, there are still ways to organize a room. 


Storage units allow you to keep your belongings safe yet out of the home, so they’re not taking up space. Renting a storage unit can be a temporary solution while you evaluate which items truly matter to you, and they can be a long-term option if you simply don’t want to part with anything. 


Storage options from Key Storage range in size, allowing you to store everything from large, heavy furniture to small, delicate collectibles and important papers. Our climate-controlled units ensure your items are kept in optimal condition, protecting them from extreme temperatures and humidity.


Wrapping Up: How to Organize a Room With Too Much Stuff

Proper organization can rejuvenate a space. A clutter-free room is not only aesthetically pleasing in your home, but it can be uplifting. While organizing a room with lots of stuff can be challenging, the peace and functionality that come from it are worth the effort. 

And, for those items you can’t store at home, try Key Storage. We offer safe and accessible storage units that help you declutter your home and transform your space. Find storage locations near you.

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