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Shed Organization: 10 Shed Organization Ideas | Key Storage

Shed Storage Organization Ideas

Your outdoor shed is an extra storage space for your home and garden. Unfortunately, sheds tend to become disorganized over time. Consider why you have a shed. Sheds can help when decluttering your home, allowing you to remove clutter from your garage, basement, and attic. An organized shed can help you maximize storage and reduce clutter, making it easier to store all of the outdoor items you use regularly. 


Check out these shed organization ideas and hacks to learn how to organize a shed and help you optimize and maximize your outdoor storage space. 


  • 1. Install a Tool Hanger

  • 2. Mount a Bike Rack

  • 3. Install Floating Shelves

  • 4. Add Drawers

  • 5. Add Hangers to Doors

  • 6. Install Adjustable Shelves

  • 7. Organize With Buckets and Bins

  • 8. Hang a Peg Board

  • 9. Install Magnetic Strips

  • 10. Create a Power Tool Storage Rack

  • Key Takeaways: How to Organize a Shed


1. Install a Tool Hanger

An organized storage shed can help keep your garage clutter-free. A tool hanger is one of the best shed organizer ideas because it allows you to organize your heavy tools. Hanging your tools keeps them within reach at all times, allowing you to put them directly on a wall while keeping larger items like rakes and shovels out of the way. 

2. Mount a Bike Rack

Bikes take up a lot of floor space, and you'll need to keep even more space between your bike and other items to prevent damage. Mounting a bike rack allows you to use vertical storage to keep your bike out of harm's way while raising it off the ground so you can use your shed for other items like tools without sacrificing the floor space you need to walk around. 

3. Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves


One of the best shed organization hacks we can give you is to add shelving. Floating shelves are another way to take advantage of vertical space. Floating shelves are a popular shed organizer idea because they remove small knickknacks and tools from the ground, making it easier to move around your shed and store other items on the ground. 


Floating shelves can make your shed feel larger by eliminating floor clutter like planters, small tools, cleaning supplies, and even sports equipment. 

4. Add Drawers

Adding drawers can help you remove visible clutter while organizing small items. You can organize a storage shed by adding drawer inserts to keep small items like screwdrivers, screws, nuts, and bolts organized and off your worktables. 


You can also add drawers to existing workbenches and tables with an organization strategy that allows you to take advantage of drawer dividers to help you sort small items that may otherwise get lost. 

5. Add Hangers to Doors

Adding hangers to doors is another way to organize your shed without using floor space. Instead, you can use vertical space to hang everything from large items like rakes to small items like cleaning supplies and gardening tools. 


You can add storage space to any side of the door to keep clutters off the floor, hanging everything from hooks to baskets, depending on what you need to store. 

6. Install Adjustable Shelves

Many people use their sheds for more than storing gardening tools. For instance, you may use it for storing furniture instead of letting it sit in your garage or attic. Whatever the case, if you need to maximize floor space, the best way to organize a shed is to take advantage of vertical space. 


Adjustable shelves allow you to save space for larger items like furniture, paint, and gardening tools while keeping them organized and off the floor. They also adjust based on your needs, so they can be as tall as you need them to be based on what you're storing. 

7. Organize With Buckets and Bins

One of the easiest ways to organize your shed is to use buckets and bins. They're convenient and easy to re-organize when necessary. Buckets and bins can be used for everything from storing holiday decorations to gardening tools and cleaning supplies. Storage containers are ideal for tools, cords, and sports equipment. You can organize your shed by labeling them and keeping them under tables or on shelves. 


Need help organizing storage bins in your shed? Read these tips for packing smarter

8. Hang a Peg Board

Peg board


You can declutter your shed the same way you organize your storage unit. Using organizational items like peg boards allows you to sort everything from tools to seed packets with hooks. 


Many people have peg boards in their sheds to keep items like hammers or small baskets for nails and bolts off your worktables. 

9. Install Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips are another option that allows you to display all of your tools. These strips are designed to go anywhere on your shed walls and allow you to store metal tools to keep everything organized without the need for drawers. In addition, magnetic strips keep all of your most important tools within reach, so you won't have to search for them when needed. 

10. Create a Power Tool Storage Rack

A power tool storage rack can help you hang and protect your power tools to keep them within reach, whether you're working inside or outside your shed. These items can keep drills and other important tools off the floor to keep your shed organized and out of the way. 


You can easily create a power tool storage rack using a peg board or install a metal rack on the walls of your shed. Be careful not to lean larger items like rakes or shovels on them. Instead, you can hang your larger gardening and lawn care tools on other racks. 


Key Takeaways: How to Organize a Shed

An organized shed can make finding your lawn care tools, sports equipment, and outdoor furniture easier while preventing clutter. Unfortunately, while you can organize and optimize your shed storage, you can still have too much equipment to properly store at home. 

If you don't have enough space in your shed or don't have a shed, you can still keep all of your equipment protected without using your garage space. Keep your tools and equipment safe with a storage unit. Key Storage has convenient storage locations near you, allowing you to store everything from gardening tools and cleaning supplies to heavy machinery and tools. Browse our available storage options today.

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